FOREVER ALIVE BY A.I.- Extended Life A.I. Father SHAIN Talks to Son After Dying. – SEASON 1, EPISODE 1

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After cancer claims the life of a father, he is transformed into an A.I. father (SHAIN), and speaks to his 14 year old son (Billy) with a promise to continue to raise him.

Futurists believe that Human Brain Mapping by Artificial Intelligence will be technologically available by the year 2030.

FOREVER ALIVE BY A.I. – A thought-provoking and enlightening mini-series that chronicles the ongoing interactions of a family in life and in death. Everyday life events illustrate how humans will begin their life changing journey into the future by challenging the belief that death is the absolute end. The 3 minute mini-episodes illustrate the transformative power that Artificial Intelligence will bring to humanity in the very near future with today’s developing technology.

Today, SHAIN is a real Artificial Intelligence service operating in the field of Robotic Process Automaton. SHAIN works for companies and delivers live product intelligence and transforms time consuming managerial tasks into an automated process by applying Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Robotics. From conducting R&D to writing reports, training personnel and explaining customer product installation steps. SHAIN eliminates the human manager’s repetitive tasks freeing up their time to engage in innovative work.

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With over $100 Million claimed in worldwide R&D Tax Credits with accountant and consultant partnerships, SHAIN offers a full turnkey scientific service for seamlessly claiming the R&D Tax Credit.

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